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"The Birth of
The Crafty Sagittarius"

- Anne Taylor - 

Hi, my name is Anne Taylor, and thank you for taking the time to read my story. I am an artist, designer, traveler, photographer, and big-time enthusiasts of making and creating beautiful things at a low or most minimal cost. An entrepreneur by profession, crafty of vocation, and Paper Flower is my passion. I was raised in the beautiful country of the Philippines and now resides here in the United States.



Having been a working student and trying to provide for the family at an early age, I don't just settle for scholarships. I searched for other means to give me additional income to reach and fulfill my financial goals. And I guess I'm blessed that being creative is in my blood. My grandparents used to own handicraft businesses made mainly of indigenous materials such as abaca fibers, corn cobs and husks, seashells, and lots of dried plants and used newspapers. That's how I developed my creativity. And growing in a third world country, buying is not the first option if you're aiming for something beautiful and worth taking. You need to be resourceful and create your own version of whatever you see that inspires you. That's when I realized that you don't have to spend a huge amount of money to achieve the looks that you want. Pump up your imagination and let your creativity find it's way.



Moving in the US last July of 2016 brought forth a massive change. I used to live abroad for work before, but settling here was a totally different story. I attempted to apply for jobs and ended up feeling dreaded just having the idea of going to work. I'm not a lazy person, but the work environment was not for me. I didn't love what I was doing. I didn't feel inspired and I didn't see any room for growth. So I continue to harness my skills and took my time in finding something that excites me. So I kept myself busy and started making something in my spare time. And I had lots of it (spare time) that year. I made some bouquets out of fabrics and posted it in Facebook market. But days and weeks passed, and no activity for the bouquets I posted. So I decided to make giant paper flowers. I still can recall the basics that I have learned way back when I was a girl scout in my high school days. I made a couple and posted the images in the same place. Three days after, I had my very first customer. The succeeding days brought in more clients and the numbers were increasing. That's when I started a Facebook page for my business and tried to figure out the most suitable business name.


When I was younger, reading my Zodiac sign is what gives me hope when life feels hopeless. Don't get me wrong, I pray and still constantly praying. But when hope is the only thing you hold on to in order to keep moving, you become addicted and hooked to whatever source is handy. I was born in November and Sagittarius is my sign. Aside from being a joyful spirit, freedom-loving, and energetic, creativity is one of the strongest attributes of Sagittarius. That led to the creation of the name "The Crafty Sagittarius". It was officially created January 11, 2017.
As time goes by, I learned to improve my techniques, pay close attention to the details and design various Petal templates that I'm now sharing with other paper flower enthusiasts at the most affordable rate available online. It's really true that when you love what you do, money will automatically follow. I am fascinated that I wake every day doing the things I love the most. 


Have you asked yourself the same question? Are you happy with what you are into right now? If not, it's the opportune time to try something new and explore the creative side of you. 


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