Starting A Paper Flower Business: How Much Capital Amount Do You Need?

So ok, you have a great passion for Paper Flowers, and you strongly believe you are ready to start a business out of it. But how much money do really need to get started?

In my experience, I keep it to minimal, like close to nothing. Seriously, you don't need hundreds and thousands of dollars to get stated. The lesser you spend to start, the lesser the risk you will get. This business works for me, but there's no guarantee it will also work for you. So keep the expenses low.

Believe it or not, I started with less than $10.00. How? Like many others, I tried different business ventures online. And Paper Flower seems to be the most audience engaging product I posted. It all begun early January last year (2017) after I decided to assemble simple paper flower, and list it on Facebook Market. That's how I spent my less than ten dollars capital. I bought 6 pieces of poster boards ( in different colors ) from the Dollar Tree at 49 cents a piece and less than $6 for the 24 pieces pack of hot glue stick from Michaels. My Mother in-law is a hardcore crafter herself and she owns lots of crafting materials. She shared some of her unused tools to me like my favorite glue gun that I've been using for over a year now, scissors, pins, and even sewing machine. From the very beginning I made my own templates. So what I'm trying to say is that, you don't have to start fancy. Be resourceful . Look around your house. If you have tools that you can use or even borrow, start with it. Do not spend a money you haven't earned yet just because you have a high vision of earning.

A couple of days after posting the paper flowers I made from the poster board, I got my first client. A lady who wants 5 flowers for her daughter's nursery for $25. As a beginner, I feel the urge of taking any potential business just to build my portfolio. And I believe it worked. $25 is certainly too low when you add up the materials and not to mention the numbers of days I spent to make it which is 3 days as I recall. Then project after project the next few days and weeks. Not the big ones but enough to keep me busy. My strategy is to only spend half of my total earning in every project and save the rest for upgrades. Couple of months later, I able to purchased my very first cutting machine. Not really necessary when you started, but definitely a good investment once you begin to earn. I didn't have to buy new computer. Because of my passion for photography and photo editing, my husband had me a personal computer since then. But as design more and more templates, we finally decided to invest in a 29" Mac Computer.

Right now, I have all the neccessary tools I needed to make flowers and even more. Be patient at the beginning. There are really projects that seemed like the clients only paid for the materials but not enough to cover your labor costs. You might not earn money at some. But take the other value out of it like taking good pictures of the set or project and add it to your gallery. Remember, the more project you can showcase, the more potential clients will trust your business' legitimacy. But if you really want to dive into Paper Flower business, you don't need big amount of money. Just enough to get the basic materials, hardwork, determination, prayer, consistency of doing and posting flowers, self confidence, and having a smart phone (which in these days everybody seemed to have) will help you market your product and reaching it to thousands of people in your area, without taking off your Pajama.

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