Turning Your Passion in Money

Let’s face it - pursuing your passion and starting your own business and to quit your soul dragging but somewhat stable 9-5 job can be scary and even downright terrifying. Millions of “what ifs” to consider stoping lots of people to take the plunge. Then there’s the word PASSION that somewhat changed the mentality of many specially the millennials in the journey of pursuing dreams.

We strongly believe that if we love what we do, money will follow. In my own personal experience, that is just “PARTLY TRUE”. Yes it is ideal that you’d make the most money when you do something you love and invest your whole heart and soul in it. And the idea of passion-based business tend to be so overwhelmingly exciting that many overlook the painful and brutal reality.

When you want to earn money doing what you love, PASSION is plainly not enough. Many people blindly follow their dreams and passion believing that their deep love for what they do will be enough to make them successful. WRONG! What I found out is Passion will keep you going and sticking to the goals over harsh adversities. However, to make money out of our passion, we need to always remember, IT’s NOT ABOUT YOU. It isn’t about your passion. And in fact, no matter how passionate you are about something, nobody cares about it because you do. Cruel I know. But we have to take into account that it’s about your client and customers. What you can give them, what you can do for them, and how they benefit from knowing you. You have to make them care about your passion so much that they will pay you to do it.

Check out the second photo. It’s the bank deposit transaction i received yesterday. It’s from Google Adsense payment for the videos I made in Youtube. I believe this is a perfect example of the phrase, “If we love what we do, money will follow.” It’s not much I know, but more than good enough considering its just a month after I did the monetization. And looking at the statistics, its projected to be $250 this month. Meaning, its growing.

Over a year ago, I made a youtube channel plainly because I want to show my clients and followers how I made my paper flowers. No intentions whatsoever on even earning from it. Back then, most of my videos are private and only intended for those who purchased my templates. It was doing ok. I have over 47 thousand followers on Instagram plus my Facebook, and that alone is enough magnitude to keep my business going. Recently I changed my game plan. I uploaded more public videos to reach and inspire more people via youtube that my passion for paper flowers can be done with anybody. The paper flower trend up to these days is still up and rising. Having it made for your special events can cost you your arms and legs. So why not do it yourself and save tons of money from your restricted budget? And that my friend I believe is how I communicated to my paper flower template clients and followers that my deep passion for paper flowers also matters to them. And mind you, my videos are raw, un edited, and by no means professional quality. Video editing is not my strongest attribute. I tried my hardest to have a descent video and audio quality. But I guest what’s more important to my tribe is the fact of my willingness to help and share my skills to them and save and help them creating a grand event in a much lower cost option. And to my surprise, I received and email from Google last month that I can now start monetizing my video. I only have more than 5 thousand followers in that platform but its growing at least 30 subscribers a day. I’m not sharing this to brag but instead to inspire. Uploading more public videos, created a domino effect in my business. My aim was just to show them that they can do what I do and they can save and at the same time create an event to remember just by doing it themselves. And the result is tremendous. My 4 online shops are earning at least 55% higher compare to this time of the year last year. And the fact that major holidays are even close approaching. And as you see, unexpectedly started earning in YOUTUBE even though i never planed of being a professional Youtuber.

The idea of passion-based business means freedom to many. That is why it attracts numerous individuals. We want the freedom to be our own boss, the freedom to be in charge of our own time, and the freedom to do do whatever it is we love. But we have to be cautious. Don’t just jump and pursue your venture with the love and compulsion characteristics of passion. There’s a monumental chance that it will all goes horribly wrong, because we missed to connect what we love-to something others will care about. We are so consumed in the idea in just doing what we love and why it matters to us. But forget to look up and show others, why they should care about our passion as well. At the end, the real deal is to clearly and persuasively communicate the gift of you passion, your mission, and your unique values to your Clients, Costumers and Followers.

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