7 Things I do To make the most of this COVID-19 Community Quarantine as Small Business Owner

Covid-19 is an unprecedented Global Pandemic. No one is prepared and everyone is affected specially us, the small business owners. How are you guys doing? How’s your business surviving?

In these dome days of uncertainty and fear, it is important for our survival that we have to come together and work as one. That is why, I wanted to share my insights on what I am doing, to not only live in survival mode, but also thriving in this unfortunate circumstance. Am I saying my business is doing Great? Absolutely NOT. I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. I’m also deeply affected. But my business is ok considering the closure of almost everything outside and still very fortunate to have some daily inns of income despite of the situation. Plus, none of my family members or anyone I knew got infected, thank you Lord. So much to be thankful for than focusing on the negatives around.

Paper Flower makers like us belong mostly to the enormous EVENT INDUSTRY, which primary exist in bringing and gathering people together. And because of the tight and strict social distancing implementation to limit the contact and transfer of this nasty virus, we have been hit extra hard when the global quarantine is ordered to contained this pandemic. In fact, 3 of my largest events got postponed and reschedule God knows when. Although it’s not as bad as people in catering and fresh floral services, (we’re fortunate that we can keep our flowers and supplies so long without the worry that it will be rotting) I still can feel the tremendous effect of this Pandemic to my Business. Postponement and delay of events is one thing, but it’s also another if that’s your only means of income and its completely unclear when will everything goes back to normal. So how can we make the most of it? Here are my thoughts:

1. Use this time to reconnect with your true self – When everything was normal, (days, weeks, months before Covid), all our energy and time were depleted with the things we called necessity and neglect to spare a little time on reconnecting to our own self. Why are we doing this? What’s my end goal in staying with my chosen business, career or life? Who’s lives got better because they happen to cross on mine? Am I still making a positive impact to my followers, clients or customers? Reflection my friends. As much as we pay so much attention to what more can we do to earn more or how to beat your competition, use this time to reflect if this is still the business that is aligned with your purpose. And if its not, no judgement. Don’t feel bad. People change, things change. So as what we want in life. If you have already outgrown your current situation, the best thing you can do is move on. As fast and soon as possible. But then again, use the quietness and calmness of this period to think it over thoroughly. Be decisive but be certain with what you really want. Most of the times, the greatest breakthrough comes when you dive deep to the real you.

2. Now you have all the time to make excuses in reinventing yourself and build a healthier you – Yup that’s me. Being busy before has always been my favorite excuse. Like, because I’m earning in what I am doing, I felt like it gave me the pass to be lazy in making effort to nourish myself with the right food, right amount of rest, and right amount of exercise, and even right amount of socialization. I’m still far from reaching my physical goal but I think, the last 12 weeks has been a great progress for me in this matter. I was even shock how letting go of 35 lbs (excess weights) transform me on how I feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. As you have noticed, I use the phrase LET GO instead of LOSS. That’s one of my conscious effort in using words that only brings me brightness and positivity. Let go means you are freeing yourself from the weight and force that drag you down. Instead of using LOSS, which we subconsciously find, search or look for when we hear that word. I still have more pounds planning to let go but I’m certainly happy I started doing the effort even before the heights of COVID. I have a confession to make. It comes to the point that I feel totally burn out. So much deeper than just an ordinary fatigue. But I will have a separate blog about this. This is such a broad topic to discuss. I knew this is still the very thing I want to pursue. So, I have to do something for me to reconnect on my creativity and feel good physically, mentally and emotionally. And boy, what a timing. Till now, no COVID Vaccine yet has been discovered. The only chance you got to survive in this virus, is first don’t get infected. And second have a mighty strong immune system. When we got back from our last trip to the Philippines, I made an effort in prioritizing ME. Yes, your clients and customers are important. But you have to remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup. Work on yourself first, settled whatever damage from within and you’ll definitely be able to offer better services and much better version of you to your clientele. So, I started sleeping early and have 7-8 hours of quality sleep, one thing that I didn’t do before because of my fear of losing my people (clients and followers) if I take a second to breath. For almost 3 years, I’m lucky if I have 3 hours of quality sleep. I now wake up early and do my 10,000 steps routine wherein before, I’m stack sitting on my chair all day. I distance myself from any negativity be it in media, social media, or associates. In our line of business, those are essential things to monitor closely to guarantee our success. But too much or too little of everything ruins anything. Now I’m eating quality foods and being mindful with its quantity. Taking vitamins and supplements. Because remember, when this Pandemic is over, its time to get back grinding. You’ll need a healthier you to face the new tomorrow.

3. Reconnect with your love ones and people that matters to you– Now you don’t have an excuse of not calling, emailing, video calling, or chatting. Almost everyone is at home. Before this pandemic, being busy is an excuse. Like a badge of honor that we proudly wear telling everybody that you matter. Now you have the time. One of the things I deeply realize is that, in my own definition of success, It should be a 360 degree in all aspects, and I’m lacking the connection with my people. I lost contact with friends, even my relatives barely say hi on chat with me. Why? Not because they hated me, but because for the gazillion times I told them I can’t coz I’m busy. Now they just automatically thought that way when they think of me. And it’s something that I have to work harder to repair on my end. I caused it. I distanced myself. Sometimes you really have to. But my dear friends, true meaning of success is when you have a tribe that will celebrate with you every progress you made along the way. But be careful also, always draw a line of boundary. So pick up the phone, get into the messenger, and just reconnect with those you lost in the process of building your empire. Chat those clients that has been there for you from the beginning of your business. If they still embrace you with open arms, they are the keepers. If they want to punished you for distancing and improving yourself, then just let go. The people that you need to keep are those who will still take you after you realize your mistake, and even willing to let you go in distance so you will find your true calling. Once you find then, make an effort to keep them.

4. Tap your spiritual side – Not hear to preach. But in this time of darkness, fighting an invisible fatal enemy, we need an invisible mighty God to get us through this. I believe in God. But I don’t pray as often as I should. Again, because life happens and I was so busy to talk to him. Now more than ever, now is the time that we crave more some spiritual comfort and Divine guidance. Start reconnecting to your spiritual being. The silence and meditation can bright you more insights than the chaos and noise from your TV, computer, or phone.

5. Do not put all your eggs in one basket – Now we’re in the formal business side. What a tragedy it would have been if I put all my eggs in one basket. What I’m traying to say is that, do not put all your money and effort in just one business model or idea. You got to DIVERSIFIED. Yes, we dominantly belong to the EVENT industry which is a big NO NO at this time. But as I said earlier, I’m still grateful for the daily inns of income coming everyday. Everyone is affected. So of course, it’s not as much as before COVID. But hey, it’s not zero. I have 7 other stream of incomes that doesn’t require direct contact. (This is another broad topic to discuss, so will have a separate blog for this) But the bottom line is, I know you cannot do this specially in the early stage of your business, but once you begin breathing, try to open another business that is totally different than what you primarily have. Like now, all events are cancelled and postponed, but if you have another source of income, you’ll do just fine.

6. Be a Jack of all trade. Use this time as opportunity to learn new things – I know it’s counter intuitive for those SUCCESS GURU that you need to Focus on one thing that you are good at in order to be successful. But what I realize, only half of that is true. At this crisis, knowing lots of other things to do is a massive help. Like, how I wish (working on it) I know how to sew. Out Paper Flowers this time is not that relevant, and the demand is slim to none. But if you know how to make a mask or PPE’s you’re into the market right now. So learn new hobbies and things. There are a lot of online training that are basically free. Use this time to add more skills. We don’t know how the POST COVID economy looks like but you will definitely have greater fighting chance to succeed and thrive when you equipped yourself with more knowledge and skills.

7. Innovate your Business and be open to Change. Evolved of go Extinct – One of the things I realize, is the importance of adaptability. Like other species on earth, when they don’t learn how to adapt with their new environment, they go extinct. Same as with business. Just like those giant retails that closed because they failed to adapt the new way of shopping. They resist change and that’s their greatest failure. With the social distancing implementation, most of the Restaurants and Groceries learned to offer free delivery. And those who refuse to adapt the reality, is non-operational at the moment. So be open. Innovate your business, in what you can offer most at the moment. Do not let your ego get in the way. Be like a chameleon. Blend with your environment and survive and thrive.

This thing won’t last forever and maybe will finish sooner when we all do our due diligence. So make the most of this quarantine. Harnish your mind with more knowledge and skills. And prepare yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. This too shall pass, and having a 2.0 version of you, fear and uncertainty of the tomorrow won’t scare you. Be safe babes.

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