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How I Started My Paper Flower 6-Figure Income Business With Just $10 of Investment?

The Crafty Sagittarius was conceived 6 months after I first arrived her in the United States. After few months of settling, I finally feel that I needed something to do than rearrange our house furniture 3 or 4 times a week. So, picture this: you are in a foreign country, shocked of how intense the life here, doesn’t know anyone around, closest family member is almost 2 hours’ drive away and don’t know how to drive. That was my situation. So determined and missed the situation where I have my own money, I was searching for any job close by. So I did found one; in a coffee shop. I guess my personality isn’t really for that environment. I’m too sensitive to be yelled at over a coffee that is 2 degrees warmer than the customer wanted. Or being lectured in a belittling way of the nutritional value of donkey milk (exaggerated) over the regular milk ahahaha. So first day of training I quit! I’m not a quitter in nature, however, my gut tells me there’s no growth for me there. Nor, the environment will attribute to any potential success in the future.

So I started strategizing how can I make money where my peace and sanity will remain intact.Then there goes the brilliant idea. I’m going to start a business. I laughed at myself when I look back. So easy say that you'll start your own business. But what time business? God knows what. The fact of the matter is, I don't even have an iota of experience of how to run a business, let alone, I haven't figured out what type of business I'm gonna dive into. I just knew that I would be so much better working by myself and working for myself. I’m an extrovert, so it’s not like I don’t get along with others or feel awkward with others. However, I’ve been employed almost 7 years before overseas, and the only one who benefited my hard work, our hard work was the owner of the company. So days of figuring out what to do, I end up wanting to start baking. From the very start, event industry seems to pull me like a magnet. I love to be in social events. So to start, why not begin with something small and offer cupcakes and desserts to events around here? Make sense, right? The problem is, I don’t have a proper baking training and skills and I’m not the most precise person on earth which is prerequisite in baking. I cooked like my grandmother: a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. We never had measuring cups or spoon growing up, and well, looks like we turn out fine. Since my younger years, I knew I am an artist. The idea of precision is a restriction for me. So after two weeks of trying and wasting ingredients, I knew that cupcakes and desserts was not for me. Again, seems like I’m giving up but I’m not. I just knew what I want and I haven’t seen it yet. I trust my gut wholeheartedly. It has been my navigating tool of what and not to do in life. And 95% it never fails me. One December afternoon of 2016, I was on Pinterest checking out decors and backdrop for baby girl’s 1st birthday. We had a family member’s birthday coming up. I saw some paper flowers. And for some reason, it feels like seeing it and the idea of making it is like a warm soup in my stomach on a cold winter night. My long dead brain’s bulb finally lit up. So I started the project. Believe it or not, my 6-figure income started with just $10.00.

Yes, I didn’t start with a big amount of business capital. So don’t get terrified if you have close to nothing right now. I had some of the basics like scissors, pencil, and glue gun but no fancy cutting machines of any kind. So don’t feel the pressure that you gotta have one to start this business. I spent my 10 bucks to get colored poster board from the Dollar Tree (that time, I wasn’t even aware that cardstock exist) and hot glue sticks.

Paper flower is not foreign to me at all, even at that time. Way back when I was in my high school years, paper flower was one of our girl scout activity we did made out of old newspaper. I did make my first template to create my first paper flower here. I’ve seen few people selling their templates but I don’t think I’m willing to pay for the price that they were asking. It’s not that it’s not worth it. That time, I’m still converting every dollar to how much it is in Philippine peso, and seeing the equivalent, almost always brings me to the state of combustion and high fever ahahaha.

Growing up on a third world country, buying is not an option. If you can do it yourself, then you gotta do it. So I made 3 designs and made few flowers in different sizes. Then, out of my excitement, I posted it in my Personal Facebook account. That time, no Page for the business yet. The feedback I received specially from the people here was surprisingly warm and pleasant. So using the same photos, I posted it in Facebook Market. It was new for me then, but I feel like it was a great advantage on my part. I can’t drive and I can’t just knock people’s houses and offer them my paper flowers. For me, that was a marketing advantage that God dropped in my lap. No expectation whatsoever. But I’m positive that something great is about to happen.

2 days later, I got a private message from a lady. She wants 5 pcs of flowers in various sizes for her girl’s nursery. And right upfront she stated her price, $25.00. I knew it was not a lot and can even make you feel disheartened that your labor is not paid, yet, I still say yes. I knew I needed a portfolio. No one will trust you without a social proof of your beautiful work and satisfied clients. I made the set and deliver it ahead of time and much better than her expectations. She seems pleased so I wasn’t really feeling shy at all asking if she can give me a positive feedback. And she was happy to do it. She posted it on her FB account tagging and thanking me for a job well done. And from then on, the rest is history. I got set orders 1 in every two days and even more and larger sets.

Financially, I was thought to save half of every money I earned for future investment or upgrade. And I can spend the other half for more materials so I can create more projects. Even without orders, I created sets to give an idea to my potential clients the color options and possible uses of my product. And it helped tremendously to educate your target market about and how to use your product. Out of nowhere, one will just message me to buy the set I just posted. I open my mind with different color combinations. I checked on Pinterest some possible color pallet that I can work on around in making a set. Then, some brides, event coordinators, photographers, photobooth owners, and even brands and bridal shops contacted me to make paper flowers for them. Then I discovered Etsy, and few other market places to showcase and sell my work. And beginning to gain followers on Instagram, build my own website that gives another stream of income through affiliate marketing, and got courage to start a YouTube Channel that’s also adding to my list of passive incomes.

My secret, be FEARLESS! I capitalized it to intensify its relevance. Don’t wait until you feel like you’re ready before you start coz it’s not gonna happen. Yes, you should equip yourself with the tools and knowledge you needed in the area you’re diving into. That’s what I’m here for and that’s what my PAPER FLOWER TEMPLATES are for. So you don't have to go through all what I’ve been through to start this business. Never ever wait for perfection. Coz I’m telling you, it’s a myth. You don’t have to see the entire staircase. Just pull all your strengths and take one step at a time. My situation might be different from yours. You might have more complicated or maybe much easier situation than mine. But you gotta do what’s best for you. Make it a point that you define your own happiness and not stick to what others or the society is expected of you. I was once an executive secretary, and doing paper flowers is something far beyond the glam if I may say of my old job. Specially in my culture, it’s like going to law school and ended up something way far beyond what is expected of you . I even hear them commenting, gosh, you've wasted what you go to school for that you just end up working on paper. I just smile and ignore. I knew deep down, they have no concept of what I am doing and what freedom it gives me, time and financial wise. It is also important that you love what you do. Your passion will anchor you to any possible challenges and adversities you’ll be facing in the future. You need to exercise your resilience muscles. The only way to do that is to make it a habit get up and dust off yourself and start over again whenever you fall. Experiences both good and bad will harness your attitude and build your character. So embrace both good or bad. Look at it in a way, that if you didn’t earn, at least you learn. Also, you gotta love your customers, followers, and people who are supporting your business. Sometimes, especially when we reach at the point we thought is the highest, we get blinded by the limelight and foolishly think we don’t need our people, we don’t need our crowd, or we don’t need our tribe. Those people are the ones that placed you in the pedestal, and they’re also gonna be the one that can kick you out from it if you are not careful.

Lastly, on the early stage of the business, earnings or profit is what’s on the top of our list to keep an eye on. And its wise to be mindful about that aspect coz you don’t want to end up being an accidental non-profit organization. You are building a business. And yes, if you’re not earning, there’s no point to continue even if you love what you do. But, then again, please be aware that gain and revenue doesn’t always come in check or green cash. Sometimes, it comes in a form of exposure, experience, and addition to your portfolio and positive feedbacks that you can rave in your business page or website. Be patient. It took me years of endless hard work and sleepless nights, zero social life, draining frustrations and disappointments before I came to where I am right now. You should be laser sharp focus on what you want to achieved. Follow a mentor that speaks your language. If you need to invest a little, do it to elevate your caliber. The Crafty Sagittarius Paper Flower Templates is something that’s definitely worth your investment. Celebrate your little progress. That way, you are shielding yourself from being burnout. Rest if you must but never ever think of quitting unless its harming you physically, mentally and emotionally. Be clear and non-negotiable with your goals, but be flexible how to get there. Wishing you all the best of luck in your paper flower journey. Join my tribe to be inspired with more paper flower ideas and sends you positive vibes and dose of encouragement. And I want to use this opportunity to say A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU. I wouldn’t be here without all of your support. The Crafty Sagittarius is now operating on its fifth year and counting. Cheers!

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